Templar Publishing

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Templar Publishing is a leading UK children's publisher. Templar is part of the Bonnier Group and was acquired by Bonnier in September 2008. Templar employs 38 people and is based in Dorking in Surrey.

Founded in 1978, Templar has become one of the world's most respected publishers and packagers of illustrated children's fiction, novelty and picture books. In 2008 Templar was recognised by the Independent Publisher's Guild as UK Children's Publisher of the Year and Independent Publisher of the Year.

We have an extensive backlist built over 30 years and sell our products in over 25 languages in more than 50 countries. We have a reputation for innovation and creativity, both in publishing ourselves and in producing books for other companies.

We are probably best known for the ground-breaking Ology series, which first launched in 2003 with Dragonology, and has become a global brand with seven core titles in print and over 15 million copies sold to date. There is a substantial licensing programme around the Ology series that includes board games, toys, computer games and a movie. However, Ology books are just a fraction of the business that includes award-winning picture books by Simon Bartram, Emma Dodd and Thomas Docherty, as well as our best-selling series, amazing baby and Happy Snappy books, and beautiful illustrated classics including the Robert Ingpen books Wind in the Willows and Christmas Carol.

Templar support two children's charities, Patchwork Kids (www.patchworkids.org) and Global Handprints (www.globalhandprints.com).

Patchwork Kids

Various members of staff sponsor individual children at a school in Pachmarhi, a small town in central India, by paying their annual school fees (£60 for two sets of uniform, shoes, school books and extra English classes). Pachmarhi has high unemployment and the native children are often sent to school with no lunch, and sometimes having not had any breakfast. One of our projects is to create a garden where the children can grow food which they can then harvest and cook for school lunches. We have a collection every Christmas, and have also sent out books for the school library.

Global Handprints

Global Handprints sends volunteers out to Uganda to work in the local schools, health centre, children's home and in a holiday programme for children who cannot afford to go to school.

Templar support the annual fundraiser ball which has raised over £12,000 to date. This money, along with donations paid by volunteers, has been used by Global Handprints to install and furnish a library at the children's home as well as a new nursery classroom, trainers for a netball team, classrooms, blackboards, school bags, the salaries and food provided for the holiday programme, mosquito nets, mattresses, sports equipment, equipment for the maternity ward, the building of new toilets, medicine for people in rural villages and science equipment for the school.

Global Handprints aims to attract people from all backgrounds and with a variety of skills and interests to spend time living and working in local communities. Projects are currently being established in Pachmarhi, India which will hopefully be up and running in the next 6 months along with other, more varied projects in Uganda. All volunteers have the opportunity to see exactly what difference they are making to the lives of people in the communities. While on placement volunteers choose how they would like their money to be spent. This not only gives them ownership over their donation but also means projects benefit from a wider range of skills and interests.